During our scout in Rio for the World Cup, we met with several establishments.  Some had over 100 beds with 12-15 people to a room!  Others had fantastic accommodations but the location was less desirable.  Some people welcomed us with open arms and others just treated us like someone off the street.  The decision to work with the lodging we’ve contracted with was based on number of beds (75), location (4 blocks from the beach!), management (ready and excited to have us), and price (SO AFFORDABLE!).  Long story short, we’re going back to the same place and can’t wait to reunite with that gang.  They’re excited to have us back and we’re excited to be back – it couldn’t be any better for everyone traveling with us. 

Rio is a big city, and outside of the city, are the beaches.  We are not just on any beach.  We are on IPANEMA BEACH!  Right next to Copa Cabana and surrounded by shops, restaurants, bars, etc.  There is no better or safer place for us to be.

Bedroom configurations are doubles, triples, quads, and six person rooms.  We’ll have access to a small pool, bar, restaurant, wireless, and friendly staff.  This will be your CHEERS in Rio.  It is your home base and a place where…eventually…everyone will know your name. 

Here’s a good idea of what to expect: