About Us
Merritt Hopper Merritt Hopper is the President and Co-Founder of Journey to the Games. Merritt’s travel experience ranges from 1993 travel sales to Mexico and the Caribbean to his most recent role as Regional Director of Sales for Exclusive Resorts. His logistical experience stems from a background in adventure racing. He has assumed director roles with the Eco Challenge, Primal Quest, various races in Costa Rica, and his new venture in Ecuador – www.race2adventure.com.
Matt Brown

Matt Brown is the Director of Ground Operations – A London native and expert who will be overseeing all ground operations. Mat Brown and Merritt Hopper worked together at a summer camp in the Berkshires of Massachusettes back in 1994.They’ve been a number of adventures since including the 2004, 2006, 2008, and 2010 Olympics

Dave Cerio

Dave Cerio lives and works out of Dubai. He really serves no purpose within the group. In fact, we’re not quite sure that he ever was invited to the Olympics, but has somehow made it to Torino, Beijing, and Vancouver. As of this writing, he still has no invitation to London. Plan on him being there anyway…

Dan "Dano" Callot

Dano – Event planner out of New York and master of disguise. At the 2008 Beijing games, Dan’s identity was sealed due to his stellar Iron Man costume. At the 2010 games Dan dressed up as Uncle Sam for the USA vs. Canada hockey matches and a sheik when we went to go play paintball.

Mike Fricke Mike Fricke – Realtor, musician, ski instructor and tour guide in Lake Tahoe. Just look for the big permasmile and you’ll find Fricke. Born in New Jersey, went to college at CU in Boulder, and has been living in North Lake Tahoe for almost 15 years. He got his feet wet in 2008 with the Beijing games. Within minutes of coming home he made his brother promise to join him going forward. Chris Fricke came on board in Vancouver and has already signed up with his wife for London 2012.
Ted Bonanno

Ted Bonanno – Restauranteur out of New York City. If we need to find the right restaurant or bar in an Olympic town, Ted has all of the info. Whether it’s finding out what’s in a five block radius or calling ahead to get 80 seats in the hottest bar or restaurant during the Olympic games, Ted is on it.

Justin "The Caplickster" Caplicki Justin “The Caplickster” Caplicki – Editor for Fox Sports in Los Angeles. The entertainer of the crew. Justin is ranked nationally as one of the best air guitarist in the United States. You cannot miss him. A handle bar mustache and long hair make his presence known wherever he goes. Justin is the hockey afficianado of the crew and joined us in 2006 and 2010. He didn’t really feel the need to get into the summer games until he had the time of his life in Vancouver with 81 of the coolest people he’d come across. He’s looking forward to seeing some of them (along with new recruits) in London.